The personal guide of design inspirations

Lines is a handcrafted magazine designed by me as an exclusive edition. Described as in the slogan, the magazine was developed as a personal guide of inspirations based on the essence of geometric and minimalist design. All its content is highlighted by the clean design, the minimal graphic details and of course the photographs. The latter illustrates different kinds of works which are directly related to the visual lines concept, including designs, arts, illustrations, architectures, public interventions, photographies, and different places around the globe.

After the research that I've done, I could find all the works and their respectives creators, idealizers, artists... which nowadays have been absolutely the major artistic references to my future designs. This bindery class final work, really inspired me to create something that I truly admire, besides the giving pleasure as acquiring this inspiringl knowledge. What pleases me most is to afirm that, it's my first magazine design that is something uniquely personal to me.

LINES online access: